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Engaged Sweeper
just upgraded to version 4.0 and discovered that all clients haven't been scanned since then. I had to change the password of the Lansweeper Service Account. But Update was working and Service was running, too. I change the credentials in the Lansweeper configuration console, but the clients still haven't been scanned. I restarted the Lansweeper service, but it didn't started anymore. Even after a server reboot.
Error log entry:
27/05/2010 6:25:55 p.m.: Multiple scanning servers requires the enterprise edition
27/05/2010 6:25:55 p.m.: Stopping service

Attached you'll find the full error log for further troubleshooting.
I'm using version 4.00.24

Have can I fix this?
Cheers Sascha
Engaged Sweeper
Thanks for your feedback.
Tried it and all good now.
Lansweeper Alumni
Could you try the following:

Open the configuration tool: go to scanning servers and delete any servers that you see
close the configuration tool
Start the service
Open the configuration tool and fill in the needed scanning information for your server.

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