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Engaged Sweeper
I am very new to lansweeper so please bear with me.

So what I am wanting to do is set the auto assigning of tickets to load balancing. I have an IT employee who has been given multiple agent teams to be a part of, IT Support, IT Management, and Phones. I have 2 other IT employees only on the IT Support team. If I set the auto assigning to be load balancing, and Employee with 3 teams have 5 tickets but split across the 3 teams (IE 1 in IT Support, 2 in IT Management, and 2 for Phones) and my 2 IT employees with only IT Support have 1 ticket each, will it see that Employee with 3 teams has 5 tickets, or will it see that she has only 1 in IT Support and potentially give her another thinking it is balancing out?

If that doesn't make sense please ask me for more information and I can try to clarify.

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