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Engaged Sweeper
Hey there,

I've searched through the forum for this, and so far no luck (still looking as we speak), but JIC this hasn't been covered - we have Admin users that can access the lsmanage console/CP via the 'Use Authenticated Integration' box checked, but we have another user that needs access to it, and we're having trouble getting them set up to access it they get a 'Login failed' error when they connect.

We thought we just had to add the user in our AD group that's added to the the 'Allowed Administrators' config, but that hasn't worked.

I've looked in the Manual, but it didn't give any specific instructions beyond checking the box, so it wasn't much help (unless I just missed it).

Would appreciate any assistance on this one.

Lansweeper Alumni
You can give the windows user access to the sql database "lansweeperdb" or you can use the SQL user "lansweeperuser" (password in documentation)