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Engaged Sweeper III
I upgraded from 4.1 to last Thursday, but today I notice that the "Last seen" times for machines that I know have been on the network since then still say Thursday. The "Polled" time is current.

We had been using Lsclient with GPO, so for Lspush all I did was:
1) Copy lspush.exe to the Netlogon share (lsclient remains there too for the time being)
2) Edit the VBS to change the exe name in it.

Am I missing something? I'm not even sure this relates to lspush, but that was the only change, aside from the upgrade itself.

Update: I can also add that some manual reports collected from lspush on remote machines and copied into the Import directory also aren't reflecting in Lansweeper, so something's definitely up here.

I've also restarted the service.
Engaged Sweeper III
Yikes, that could be the problem. 🙂 I didn't see this in any of the documentation that I referenced. Guess I missed it.
Lansweeper Alumni
Lspush requires the premium version, don't know if this is the problem.