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Champion Sweeper
I am trying to work a solution for remote laptop scans.
I have a Citrix Netscaler for SSL VPN. We setup a virtual ip/service on the netscaler to proxy connections to our lansweeper server. (so we don't have to open up port 9524 from all the laptops to the internal lansweeper server).

The laptops use lspush on a scheduled task to connect to the netscaler and then it fowards along to the lansweeper server.

I see all the connections are establishing but the data isn't getting there.

is there any security on the lansweeper service? does it check that the client sending lspush data matches some data inside lspush?
because our source ip is the netscaler but the client data inside lspush is actually each laptop clients ip.

do you guys have any experience with a hardware load balancer in front of your services?

thanks, i hope that all makes sense.

Lansweeper Alumni
There should be no problem in running LsPush under these conditions.

Could you try running LsPush with the /showresult parameter to check whether the connection is really successful.

Could you also do the following for troubleshooting purposes:
- Stop the Lansweeper service.
- Delete the Errorlog.txt found in Program Files\Lansweeper\Service.
- In the Lansweeperservice.exe.config file set debug to "1". You can find this file in Program Files\Lansweeper\Service.
- Restart the Lansweeper service.
- Try performing an LsPush scan with direct server connection and check for any errors in the new Errorlog.txt that was generated.

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