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Engaged Sweeper
Is there a way or in future release where you can trigger a scan and it scan the computer then without going thru the queue and waiting a day or so to see if it scans or errors out.

We had another program that when you polled the computer you got immediate results w/o waiting to see if you've polled or not...

This is about the only downfall with this program is there is no way to manually trigger a scan and get results without waiting .

We've had this program for about 9 months now with it running active scanning and its scanned about 3700 computers across our domain, but we still have over 100 computers that haven't scanned and it would be nice to be able to tweak the settings go scan the computer and it shows results without having to wait overnite or hours for it to go thru the queue and see if what you did worked

Lansweeper Alumni
Most likely the problem only occurs if you have a really big queue.

a "priority" queue for rescan and full rescan is on our list.
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It all depends of your scan server processing capacity, and your scanning settings like described in the Lansweeper manual on page 12 (IP threads/Computer threads):
Lansweeper Documentation