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Engaged Sweeper
Hello there,
We have about 50 users in India, China, Bulgaria that are not on domain or the local network, but they do have access to VPN (basic PPTP MS ver.) Currently we are using SCCM2007 for our domain machines, but cannot make it work on these remote laptops. So we would like to give it a try to your tool. What we will need to have from these laptops is only hardware details and if possible software audit. No need for remote support, or any remote installation/administration.
Will it be possible to achieve this with "FREE" ver . or any of Licensed versions. I have looked at other tools but they are very expensive and working in similar way as SCCM does; network discovery mode which is not good in our case.
Please if you can share some light 🙂 .
Kind Regards
Lansweeper Alumni
Please try "lspush" from version 4.2 beta: