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Engaged Sweeper II
I've discovered a problem with McAfee and the Workstations w/o Anti-virus report.

My numbers seem to increase weekly. Started happening before our upgrade to version 5. We're in an EPO environment and I thought the techs were re-imaging and then not verify the A/V install before delivering the machines.

Lansweeper shows me with 40 machines but EPO only shows 8.

I've tracked it down some type of version issue. This would make sense if machines are getting re-imaged and then a newer version of McAfee is getting installed. Then Lansweeper isn't detecting it and my report numbers increase.

I spot checked some of the 40 and they do have McAfee installed and it does show in Add/Remove.

I double checked the Lansweeper A/V config setting and the variable for McAfee lists McAfee VirusScan% so that looks OK.

Any suggestions?
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Engaged Sweeper II
Thanks for the replies. My OU contains approx. 2500 workstations. Our base image does not contain the agent. It gets installed afterwards with a script.

I can't say with 100% certainty the installs are good. EPO shows them as installed with current DATs. I will spot check a couple.
Engaged Sweeper III
How many workstations are actually managed by ePo?

Look at the software reports for the McAfee Software values:
McAfee Agent
McAfee VSE

Before imaging a workstation (with McAfee VSE installed) you have to remove the AgentGuid or

Our environment:

ePo 5.0: 119 workstations with VSE 8.8
Lansweeper also reports 119 workstations.
Engaged Sweeper
Are you sure the installations aren't faulty?

We have an ePO environment and we've seen something similar with Workstations showing in the "Workstations without AV report" but when you check, they do have VSE installed and no problems with the McAfee agent, so they are all checking in with ePO regularly.

BUT.... on closer inspection, the Workstations had a load of McLogEvent errors in the Application log in eventvwr. Also, when you look at the workstation in ePO, have a look at the Products tab. Do you have a valid Dat version? Our problem PC's were not showing a Dat file at all in here.

Remove and reinstall VSE if you have the symptons above
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Please contact us at and provide screenshots.

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