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Champion Sweeper
Is it possible to merge 2 (or more I suppose) existing LANsweeper databases into 1?

If so, what considerations are there?

I see that computername is an Integer field and (appears to be) used as the reference between the relevant data tables for computers. If we were to add a high number say 100 thousand/1 million to one of the datasets computername field in all relevant tables would that be sufficient to avoid a mishmash of related data?

I note that the devicekey field is not handled in the same manner (vchar and appears to contain either MAC or IP) however the merged databases in question should not have any duplicated devicekey fields.

Lansweeper Alumni
We do not currently provide support for merging several Lansweeper databases. While this is technically possible, a merge would require a lot of custom programming on your part. If one of your Lansweeper installations has access to the network segments scanned by the other installations, we would recommend rescanning your network using this main installation.