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Engaged Sweeper II
Hi Folks,

Apologies if this is already answered. I tried to search, but couldn't see anything obvious.

We are currently scanning our workstations with LS, but I have moved the installation to a new server and we now want to start scanning Windows servers too. In the documentation it just says that the scanning credentials have to have "Administrator" permissions. Is this really required or would there be some subset of permissions we could allocate to the Lansweeper user to allow it to perform its scans without actually be an admin?

Many thanks in advance.

Engaged Sweeper II
OK, many thanks.
Lansweeper Alumni
When using agentless scanning, your scanning account(s) MUST HAVE administrative privileges on the client machines you wish to scan. Note that scanning credential passwords are encrypted into the Lansweeper database and cannot be copied. When using agent based scanning (LsPush), credentials/administrative privileges are not required: