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Engaged Sweeper
Let’s say I have a central server here in the datacenter in New York, it runs the service, the database and the web console. I place a server running just the LANSweeper service in a studio over in Los Angeles and a one in London. I want to configure them independently, but I want to point them at the database in New York. The reason I want to configure them separately is that I want the server in London to scan at 10:00pm GMT and the server in LA to scan at 10:00pm PST. I also want to make sure the scan server in LA is never trying to scan assets outside of LA.

Do I need to set the web console up on each studio’s server in order to configure that, or do I just set 10:00pm as the scan time on the New York web console and it’ll work out the time zone localization for that?

I also have AD broken down in to OU’s for each studio – one for NYC, one for LA and one for London – can I assign a specific LANsweeper server to each site, so it knows what is local to it?

Sorry for the questions, the installation documentation doesn’t really cover anything regarding multiple sites other than how to install the LANSweeper components separately. Do you have a more comprehensive documentation regarding multisite deployments?

I think the thing I'm stuck mentally on is - how do I configure the scanning properties of each site / scanning server when the database and webclient are hosted in NYC - if I have multiple sites, do new options appear in scan configuration pages for multiple scan servers... etc...

Also, how easy is it to add additional domains in the future? We're trialling this internally at mycompany.corpdomain.corp, for purposes of centralized reporting, but in future I may want to deploy scan hosts at othercompany.corpdomain.corp and have them report in to this central server.

Sorry for the long question, the documentation is great for setting up a simple single site, but not for actual enterprise deployments.
Lansweeper Alumni
Each scanning server you configure gets its own tab under Configuration/Scanning Setup/Scanning Methods. This is explained on page 19 of our online documentation. You can have specific servers scan specific OUs for instance.

To scan multiple domains, add scanning credentials under Configuration/Scanning Setup/Scanning Credentials and submit your domains for scanning under Configuration/Scanning Setup/Scanning Methods.

All of your settings are stored in your database. There is no point in installing the web console multiple times, as each console would read the same settings.