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Engaged Sweeper
I've attached a screen print of our Lansweeper Dashboard. In the Domain Overview section you'll see 1 INTALUM domain. It has 303 computers Total. 10 have computer scanning errors, 5 have been flagged as inactive and 13 are (?) what?

I hope my interpretations of the definition of the 303 and the 5 are correct.

How does a Computer become non-active?
I can't figure out the definition of the catagory that has 13 of my computers.

Engaged Sweeper
303 computers
13 servers
10 systems lansweeper couldn't scan
5 systems not seen in X number of days (setup in lansweeper manager, probably 60 days)

Hint: look at the filenames of the images.

It would be helpful to have the title and alt parameters set for all the icons to something descriptive.

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