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Engaged Sweeper II
I suspect a recent update from Microsoft is to blame but I have multiple servers that screengrab was working on a few weeks ago that no longer works on. This is BOTH Windows 2008 and Windows 2003 servers. .jpg's are associated with IE on both.

The error message is:

The system cannot find the file specified, check the file association of .jpg files.

Upon further research, I found that this error is returned if the workstation is turned on but the user is logged out. Previously, screengrab returned a message saying there wasn't a logged in user. Now it reponds with the association message.

Current version of both Lansweeper and Screengrab.

Not that big of a deal now that I know what the message means but it's something to be looked at.
Engaged Sweeper
Any update to this? I'm seeing this also. Thanks!
Lansweeper Alumni
cmunic8r99 wrote:
Any update to this? I'm seeing this also. Thanks!

Check the association for .jpg files for the user running screengrab (make sure you have the right one if you use "runas"
Lansweeper Alumni
We will investigate this.