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Engaged Sweeper

Trying to duplicate a report from our old inventory software, but I'm unable to determine the number of cores for a given system. Looking at tblProcessor shows both of those fields are NULL for the vast majority of assets (252 records in the table, only 4 records where those fields aren't null).
Lansweeper Alumni
Please contact regarding this issue.
Engaged Sweeper
Thanks - I get a few more hits that way, but still a lot of nulls. Even on systems that I know aren't virtual machines.
Engaged Sweeper III
Assuming Version 5..

Please take a look at dbo.tblComputerSystem, as this records "NumberOf LogicalProcessors", "NumberofProcessors", & "SystemType"

USE LansweeperDB
Select dbo.tblAssets.AssetName

From dbo.tblComputerSystem

Inner Join dbo.tblAssets on dbo.tblComputerSystem.AssetID = dbo.tblAssets.AssetID

If you get nulls on Logical Proc's then it is likely to be a virtual machine.

Lansweeper Alumni
Please see this link:
Lansweeper wrote:
Please see this link:

Thanks, but it's not localized to Windows 2003 servers. I'm seeing this happen on pretty much every Windows system in the company.

With the exception of two Workstations running XP, Vista and Windows 7 are all coming up this way. All of our Windows servers, except for one 2008 R2 server, are coming up this way. It's not a show-stopper, by any means, but something's not working properly.

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