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Engaged Sweeper II
Hi All,

We have a requirement to get alerts when toner is getting low in printers.
I have the report all setup but we have a problem.

We are doing a full IP range scan of all ranges that have printers.

Many printers aren't being picked up by Lansweeper.
Almost all of the ones that are being picked up don't show toner status (-2 or -3 messages or not listed)

How does lansweeper get the toner stats?

We mainly use brother, kyocera, Zebra printers.

Any thoughts?
Lansweeper Alumni
Please contact us at and provide us with screenshots of the following:
- The "Service Status" box in the bottom right corner of your web console landing page.
- Lansweeper webpage for one printer that has a toner status of "-2".
- Your Lansweeper configuration console under Scanning Servers\Your Server\IP Range Scanning. Specifically, show us an IP range that contains printers that you believe have not been scanned. Hit the Credentials box for the range and make sure we can see this in your screenshot as well.
- Connection test performed from the Lansweeper server to an unscanned printer using the Devicetester.exe. More info on the Devicetester.exe can be found on page 107 of our online documentation.

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