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Engaged Sweeper
I give special thanks for added me as a Beta Tester

Report Errors:

Let me now turn to report the following drawbacks:
Download attach zip file to view images, thanks.

After receiving the First Email with version

In the main dashboard showed me in the following chart Domain Overview

And on the part of the configuration parameters had blocked some field of Active Directory as shown in picture:

But after upgrading to version shows me the following in the Domain Dashboard Overview:

Another error that is giving is that when I try to run the scan immediately all IP ranges does not work.

But after seeing the report not doing anything.

You could add other options:

Feature #1

You can add links to the different types of equipment states

Link button is pressed when domain computers such as a report that shows the 914 computers.

Link button is pressed when servers such as a report of the 139 Servers

Link button is pressed when the equipment is not scanned for example a report of the 108 computers that needed scanning.

Link button is pressed when the computers are turned off by such a report of the 25 computers off.

And add these link to each sub domain or workgroup and a link on the total to display a report with all computers.

Feature #2
Add multi- language to interface for lansweeper. I offer my help to translate to Spanish interface.


It is possible to have two computers with the same name within Lansweeper belonging to different networks or workgroups.

Thank you

Best Regards
Lansweeper Alumni
Please send all beta related information to and start the subject with "Beta 5.0:"