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Engaged Sweeper III
Hey guys

We've been using LANSweeper for year, and have primarily been using its scanning abilities. We've now discussed building on the use of it, but that requires a few things. For one thing, an import of the existing old data (stored in Excel...)

In that, there is relationship data - such as who owns a piece of hardware and is responsible for it, until such a time it gets delivered back. On imports, however, I see no way of actually including relationship information of any kind. That's mildly problematic with 10.000+ records to be filled out manually, if we can't do it automatically.

Secondly, I've noticed that in the OS section, it only recognizes Windows OS, however when scanning Linux devices, it still gets the information, just in clear text, with no back reference. That seems a little counter intuitive. Especially since a very large part of our environment is Linux based thin clients and ChromeOS Chromebooks. I know they can't be scanned, but at least making reverse referencing in relation to OS would be sensible.

Thirdly, a security concern is the ability to delete records. This ability completely removes all trace of the device in the database as far as I can tell, which also eradicates any and all history related to the device, even including who deleted it. That's impractical for legal reasons, when doing in/out processes. Limiting the access to deleting records would be REALLY good.

Fourthly, this is more of a feature request: Templates/Models. Often when creating devices, they're of the same kind. Creating models that have the same CPU, RAM, Ports, etc. and using them during creation, would be far more useful than typing in everything manually, not least because it opens up to user error, each admin writing their own version of what they think is the relevant part of the model name.

And finally, another request is price/deprecation. Adding a Price field in Custom is fine, however having it built in and configuring deprecation, so you can get a full value of existing assets, that would be hugely useful.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide with the issues, and response you can give with the requests.