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Engaged Sweeper
I love the Remote Control option. Easy to look up the user, find their computer, and remote in.

The only thing I don't care for is how long it takes to initiate.

We already have VNC Server installed on our image and use VNC Viewer most of the time because Remote Control takes too long to initiate. But if an admin uses Lansweeper's Remote Control, it uninstalls the VNC Server after it's done and VNC Viewer no longer works. If Lansweeper's Remote Control could leave VNC Server running on the client, I could just use either Lansweeper or VNC Viewer at anytime to connect.

Lansweeper Alumni
You can create a custom action for VNC Viewer, which negates the need for Remote Control.
- Add the vncviewer.exe to the Program Files (x86)\Lansweeper\Actions folder on your Lansweeper server.
- Add the entry shown in the image attached to this post to the Lansweeper configuration console under Configuration\Custom Actions\Computer Actions.

The custom action will be added to computer webpages, in the same Advanced Actions section as the Remote Control tool.