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Engaged Sweeper
Hi All,

Hope I have posted in the correct place but please move if necessary. Basically I need to run an update on a piece of software we have installed on about 200 machines. The update is to simply replace a .ini file and I have created a deployment to do this (all working great).

However what I want to now do is to deploy it to all the machines that need it and I am not sure of the best way. I don't want to simply deploy it to all machine that have Software X as I will have to do it as a scheduled deployment and it will keep running on the machines even when they have been updated successfully (the software version will not update). Plus I am not able to see how many machines are left needing the update.

So I thought the best option would be to do it based on a report. I have create a simple one to search for all machines with Software X installed (which is working fine) but this is where I become a little stuck as what to do next. Obviously after deployment I can re scan the asset but how can I change the PC so lansweeper notices it has changed and does not keep trying to update a machine that has already been updated? Unfortunately the updating of the .ini does not change the version number of the software so I cant use that.

I thought perhaps while moving over the .ini I could also create a text file in the same location and then in my report add a search for that. Is that a viable option and if so how would I go about it? Or my other thought was checking the date modified value of the .ini, but again I am not sure how to do this.

Basically my end goal is to update all machines. But I want it to stop running on an asset as soon as it is successful but to continue trying on machines that are not successful. I will need to run it for several days as I imagine loads of machines will be off.

Any help appreciated.