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Engaged Sweeper II
Can somebody please help me, I've tried to get good at this darn SQL, but I'm not unfortunately.

I would love a report that can do the following:
Hard Drive < 10%
Offline for >7 days
Memory < 8GB
Assets without an owner
Anti-virus not enabled
Asset is Windows and purchase date > 5 years ago.
Operating System is not Windows Enterprise.
Application Identity service is not running (AppLocker)
Hard drive is not SSD, and asset is not a server.
Asset is tablet or laptop and local drives are not encrypted.
Performance Base Score is < 5
If Windows asset has Shared folders, aside from C$, and asset is not a server.
If Windows asset does not have a TPM.

I don't even know where to start, but this is my list of things that'd be nice for Lansweeper to generate.

Thanks in advance

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