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Engaged Sweeper
A reservation system would be nice:

* Mark assets as "available for reservation"
* Assign those assets to an entity (or a group of "owners"), for example: IT staff building A, IT staff building B, ....
* Users can see a list of assets that they can borrow
* Users can select one or more assets and reserve them time "A" untill time "B"
* The "owner group" gets notified for every reservation
* The "owner group" has an overview page (calendar) with all the reserved assets
* Optionally: automatically send instructions to the user depending on the reserved asset (for example: if they want to use a laptop outside of the company, they have to make sure that they logged in before leaving the office)

We are currently using GLPI (which has this functionality) and migrating to Lansweeper is an option if it also has this functionality.

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