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Engaged Sweeper II
First, the printers section should be added to the configuration report. Our primary use of the configuration report is to assist with re-installing windows are restoring user settings. I managed to modify the config report aspx file to include this section fairly easily, but I'm like to see it included by default in future releases.

Second, the printers section only lists "local printers" but not "network printers" (meaning a printer mapping to a queue on a managed print server)

I'm not sure if WMI holds this info,but it is listed in the registry here:

It would be particularly nice to list which user account had what network printer mapped.

This KB was useful in making sense of the 3 places I found network printers listed in the registry:

Hello everyone,
Due to the age of this post, it has been archived. Please feel free to start a new post if you wish to continue to discuss this topic.
Thank you for understanding.

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