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Engaged Sweeper
Hey all,

My company is relatively new to Lansweeper so I'm sorry if we sound a little slow.

My boss has tasked me with trying to compile a list of software that would require licensing/subscriptions in order to determine if we are compliant. I noticed that lansweeper has the Software licensekey overview which listed a lot of Adobe and Windows license keys but not much else. Is there a way I can scan our network and compile a list of programs that would require licensing or how do you guys recommend going about this? Thanks
Lansweeper Alumni
Lansweeper does not try to classify software in any way. It doesn't try to determine what kind of software a software package is or whether or not it requires licensing. These features are on our customer wish list, but we do not yet have a release date for them.

- Software scanning recreates Add/Remove Programs on your client machines.
- Product key scanning checks several hundreds of registry locations for software product keys.
- The license compliance module under Configuration/License Compliance/License Tracking is meant to be configured manually.