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Engaged Sweeper
We have a couple of OUs that we don't want Lansweeper scanning, so they are not listed in the OU filtering table. These OUs are part of the AD structure for the domain where we are actively scanning. For some reason, most (but not all) of the PCs in these OUs are showing up in Lansweeper. They are not being scanned because the scanning account does not have access to them, but they are showing up.
How do I prevent computers in these OUs from showing up at all in Lansweeper? I just set up an IP range exclusion, but that is only going to affect devices, not Windows-based machines, right?
Lansweeper Alumni
IP Exclusions do apply to computers as well, but they do not prevent the computers from being scanned by scanning methods other than IP Range Scanning. To exclude computers from scanning altogether, add them to your Computer Exclusions list under Scanning Options.

The affected computers are most likely being picked up by IP Range Scanning or Scheduled Scanning. Narrow your specifications for these scanning methods to prevent them from being scanned or add them to your Computer Exclusions.