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Engaged Sweeper
I'm having difficulty setting Lansweeper to run scheduled scans. I've entered the OUs to scan in the Scheduled Scanning tab. I've limited the Active scanning OU filters. There are no scanning domains defined. There are no domain controller site filters defined. I turned on active scanning and have the schedule enabled for a single day test. When the scheduled time arrives, this entry appears in the error log.

11/02/2012 16:24:12: The supplied credential is invalid.
at System.DirectoryServices.Protocols.LdapConnection.BindHelper(NetworkCredential newCredential, Boolean needSetCredential)
at System.DirectoryServices.Protocols.LdapConnection.Bind()
at LansweeperService.mdlEventLog.EnqueueScheduleAdsiPath(String AdsiPath, String DomainNetbiosname)

The correct scanning credentials were entered on the Lansweeper service Log On property tab. There are no other credentials defined in the scanning credentials page. The credentials that were entered work just fine on my production Lansweeper server, but don't work on this test box. I know the credentials were entered correctly as the Log On property tab confirmed them once they were entered. Any ideas?

Lansweeper Alumni
If no credentials are specified in the configuration console, the service account is used, that is correct. Could you update to our latest Lansweeper version though, which is Update instructions can be found on page 103 and beyond of our online documentation.
Engaged Sweeper
I got the error to go away by entering the credentials on the Scanning credentials page, in addition to having the same credentials on the Log On properties of the service. I was under the impression that having the scanning credentials in both places was not required, as long as the service had the correct credentials. My version of Lansweeper is
Lansweeper Alumni
Can you please send us screenshots of your setup ( and your version of lansweeperservice.exe

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