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Lansweeper Alumni
If you are upgrading a current installation, make sure to take a full backup first.

Beta testing is closed

Latest version:
Website: 5039

What's new:
All known upgrade problems have been fixed, please try upgrading from version 4.2 again.

Known issues:

You will be able to upgrade from the beta version to the final Lansweeper 5.0 version when it's released.

How to report problems:
Send an e-mail to support@lansweeper.com with subject "Beta 5.0: ...."
Please provide as much detail as possible about the problem:
-Steps to reproduce
-Browser version
-SQL version
-/lansweeper/Install log files
-/lansweeper/service/errorlog.txt file

You are also free to send in suggestions and other remarks.

Version 5.0 what's new:
Optimized database schema (database that's up to 70% smaller, depending on scanned data)
Multi database support: SQL server or SQL compact
All version 4.2 source code is rewritten to C#
Standalone configuration tool is removed and integrated into the website.
Customizable dashboard with widgets.
Map assets to custom groups.
Add documents to assets.
Add comments to assets.
Add/edit assets on the webpage.
20 Custom fields for all assets.
Scan/rescan, check scanning queue from the website.
Customizable portal per user.
Role based user access.
Possibility/API to create custom dashboard widgets.
Linux hardware/software scanning.
Apple Mac hardware/software scanning.
VMware hosts scanning.
Hyper-V hosts scanning.
Snmp device network configuration scanning.
Switch port to asset network card mapping.
Asset uptime scanning.
Active directory user scanning (sync user details from Organizational Units)
Improved software and OS license tracking.
Multiple scanning credentials per domain/IP range/asset.
"Live" report filtering.
Dell express service code.
Ping status on asset page.
Ping all assets from within a report.
Support for SSL smtp server (Gmail)

Dotnet Framework 4.0 required.
"Easy installation" uses SQL compact by default.
"Default webserver" changed from ultidev to IIS express. (Much better performance)
IIS installation requires a separate website and/or port. (no virtual folder installations supported)
IIS installation on Windows XP is no longer supported.

Database choice:
SQL server
Requires an SQL server installation.
High performance.
Multi tier setup possible.
Available to external interfaces.
Available in Premium version and higher

SQL compact
Easy installation.
Cannot be used for distributed or enterprise setup.
Available in Standard version and higher.

Client requirements:
Windows 2000 and above

Lansweeper service minimum requirements:
Windows XP SP3
Windows 2003 SP2
Windows 2003 R2 SP2
Windows Vista SP2
Windows 7
Windows 2008 SP2
Windows 2008 R2
Windows 8
Windows 2012

Upgrade impact:
The following tables will be cleared and will be rescanned after the upgrade.

The following tables will be cleared and will NOT be rescanned (can be changed in the configuration tool)

All relationships/indexes, primary keys of non-default Lansweeper tables will be removed (Tables will not be deleted)
Default reports will be upgraded to v5 format
Custom reports will be upgraded (if possible)

Manual conversion of reports:
Tblcomputers -> tblassets
tblcomputers.computername -> tblassets.assetid
tblcompcustom -> tblassetcustom
Tblcustdevices -> tblassets
tblcustdevices.devicekey -> tblassets.assetunique (assetid is the primary key now)
All other tables: computername -> assetid