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Engaged Sweeper
I have implementations of 3.5 and the new 4.0.1 versions of LS running on two separate servers. The 4.0.1 version is running from a new server with 4GB of ram, and the old 3.5 version is running from an older server with 1GB of ram.

My issue is that with the new version came extremely slow scanning times comparitively. I will post the two screenshots here to show.

This was discovered by my two WANs being completely saturated by the Lansweeper service. We never seemed to have any issue with the service version 3.5 - although if it just completed quickly, we may never have noticed.

Is there anything that can be done about it? I set event log scanning to 999999 in attempt to have it not scan to see if it helped since that was one of the major new features, but then I realized it takes so long for everything else as well.

The two screenshots are taken of the scan times for the same remote server scanned over a WAN by both lansweeper web consoles.

Even with one server scanning at a time it bottlenecks the WAN for a few minutes.

The WAN link is a 1.5mbit connection both ways that maintains an average usage of 300kbits when the Lansweeper service is stopped. After starting the service, the usage will increase to the full 1.5mbit when those systems begin scanning.

Does anyone have any ideas? For now I had to stop the Lansweeper service so it doesn't bottleneck my WAN.
Lansweeper Alumni
Can you try lowering the amount of simultaneous scans?
Can you compare the settings to your version 3.5?

To disable eventlog scanning you need to set it to "-1"
Engaged Sweeper
I was actually thinking about this issue and discussing it with our analysts and we have been running the new version for a few months without this issue. It seems the issue started revealing itself after we started testing the beta version for when it was released. Any new ideas?
Lansweeper Alumni
I suggest lowering the amount of simultaneous scans.
The problem is most likely caused by the fact that all machines need a full rescan with the installation of 4.1

In the old 3.5, only the items with the expired waittime needs to be rescanned.