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Engaged Sweeper III

I am trying to retrieve the license keys used by Snagit 8, 9 and 10 to track which installations are legit and which ones aren't. Problem is, when I add the value to the Product Keys section it doesn't seem to scan it. I tried to add both the registry key and the registry key + value on the lines and tried rescanning a few computers that I am sure have the software a few times.

Could it be that because there's no "product ID" registry key it doesn't detect it? On our test version of Lansweeper 4 it detected it without this (just with the "Product Key" field). We have no plans to migrate to Lansweeper 4 so if this could work this would be great.

The registry keys I am using to scan are "SOFTWARE\TechSmith\SnagIt\9"
and "SOFTWARE\TechSmith\SnagIt\9\RegistrationKey"

Engaged Sweeper III

That answers my question then, guess you can close the thread... I'll see if I can make a custom report with the registry scanning option and if that doesnt work I give up on version 3.5.1

Thanks for your reply
Lansweeper Alumni
This doesn't work in Lansweeper 3.5

PS. lansweeper 4 is a free update for premium users.