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Engaged Sweeper
We've just purchased the license for the premium subscription and we're testing the remote uninstall feature and having a problem connecting to the computers.

When the remote uninstall opens, we get this error:

General error on remote WMI service. Unspecified error, ClassID{C2F333AC-CFCD-11D1-8B05-00600806D9B6}.

I tried googling the class ID but didn't find anything. Are there settings that need to be enabled for this to work?
Lansweeper Alumni
If the uninstall can't be done silent then you will have a problem.
On the user's computer a screen will popup from the weatherbug uninstaller, but it won't be visible to the user (because it's running as administrator)
Engaged Sweeper
OK, sorry for the premature post here, but this error was a permission problem. I read the documentation (after I posted, I know, I'm sorry ) and I had my coworker add me to the local admin group on his computer. I get the list of software but I'm still having an issue with the uninstall. I've been reading about the MSIexec and I think I understand the switches. If I leave the /QN /NORESTART in, I get an error that the uninstall failed. If I remove them, I get the counter waiting for process to finish.

The app we're testing this with is Weatherbug, and I didn't find anything on their website about a silent uninstall option.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong?


We're testing this on Weatherbug since it seems to be on just about every computer in our domain.