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Engaged Sweeper
We have two seperate licensed installs of Lansweeper here (as we maintain two seperate software license entities).

Both of the consoles have picked up a similar issue since I upgraded them to v4.2.0.54.

All of the currency figures in the Software license compliance screens have reverted to a $ prefix where they used to be in £. A pound sign is shown correctly in the lansweeper configuration software.

I have checked both servers are stil set to United Kingdom and checked all user registry keys for User SID\control panel\international\sCurrency to make sure they all read correctly.

Do i need to ammend the web.config in some way?

Thanks in advance


Lansweeper Alumni
A fix has been issued for this problem.
Please run this installer and choose Upgrade. (We always recommend performing a database backup before applying any updates.)

Make sure to restart the machine after you've made changes to your registry currency settings.
Lansweeper Alumni
We are currently working on a minor update to fix this issue.