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Engaged Sweeper
Hi i wonder if you can help me i am trying to put a report together that shows the individual computer and the software + licences everytime i try this it says no data really dont know where i m going wrong!!!
Engaged Sweeper
This only list Microsoft software licenses though and i need to see all the software and whether its licensed or not
The report "License: Software licensekey overview" lists all product keys scanned in your network, not just Microsoft keys.

dannyboy1602 wrote:
i need to see all the software and whether its licensed or not

We recommend setting up license compliance for this, as per the instructions on page 69 and beyond of our online documentation.
Since software scanning is unrelated to product key scanning, you cannot easily list all installed software and match it to scanned product keys. The product name scanned as part of product key scanning may not be the same as the software name scanned by software scanning.

Lansweeper Alumni
We recommend using two separate reports for this, as software scanning and product key scanning are unrelated to each other. Their data is stored in different tables.

The report builder contains two built-in reports you can use to retrieve this information, "Software: List of software by computer" and "License: Software licensekey overview".