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Champion Sweeper
We have a lot of computer rooms with software's, some are common and some are unique for each room.

Can you help me with a template that give me a report (and also a dashboard alert if not 0)?

What we need is to filter based on the computer name, if computer name begins with, "COMPUTERNAME" (full name is like COMPUTERNAME1-001, and each room have a different name, some rooms are in cluster and have names like COMPUTERNAME1-001, COMPUTERNAME2-001) and not all of "software list" (differs from 1 to 20 programs or so) is installed. Make it show on the dashboard like "Software in Computerroom" and 0 is when every computer have all expected programs and a not 0 if computers does not have a program or more. And when you click the dashboard you get a report that says which computers does not have all of them.
If possible, also what program is not installed for that computer.

Ive searched the forum but could not find a report that does all of this, and my SQL skill is no good.

Thanks in advance!