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Engaged Sweeper
Hi all,

I searched around quite a bit, but have not found anything that helps me. We have a number of laptops that have Computrace (Lojack for laptops) turned on, and I'd like to be able to create reports of what machines that is. Unfortunately, I don't believe there's a way to pull that info from the BIOS, so instead I'm trying to run a report on the active process that Computrace uses, which is either rpcnet.exe or rpcnetp.exe. When I drill down, I can see this listed inside the processes piece.

Is there a way to search and report on just machines who show this process? Any help's appreciated.

EDIT: Got it. I had the right idea originally, I was just doing it wrong. Wound up adding the suspect files to "file scanning" and doing it that way. I've had a couple machines start showing up, so I think we're good. Just need to tweak it a little, and we'll be great!

Of course I would figure it out right after I ask for help... Been driving me crazy for a week now.