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Engaged Sweeper III
Hi - curious to figure out the logic of how Lansweeper resolves asset names to the MAC address for switches... I'd like for it to always show the asset name but sometimes it shows the MAC address - specifically for a different subnet. Here's my specific example:

I've just installed some Kronos time clocks that do not have snmp however I've created the entries for the MAC address, Asset Name, etc. after the IP addresses were scanned. In addition, when the switches are scanned they are visible to Lansweeper on the switches.

After configuring the assets I expected I would then see the asset names resolve on the switches, and they DO resolve on the switch within my local subnet, but on one of my switches (different subnet) it only shows the MAC address and not the Asset Names that I have already configured in Lansweeper.

So my question is, if it can find the MAC address from scanning the switch port why wouldn't it resolve with what is listed in the Lansweeper database under the asset instead what I'm presuming is relying on ARP at the local host to do some resolution and then doing a reverse lookup into the LS database? Couldn't some logic be added that if it didn't presumably find an local ARP entry, or whatever the logic is being employed, that it would secondarily check the LS asset tables to see if there was a valid MAC entry and then populate the asset name?

If you need a screenshot of the two switches I'll email them.

Thank you!

Lansweeper Alumni
If we understand the issue correctly, you are trying to link assets you manually added to the database to their corresponding switches. The switch page should display the asset name instead of the MAC address *if* you added the MAC to the MAC Address field of the asset's Lansweeper webpage. (If you added the MAC address to another field, no link will be generated.)