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Engaged Sweeper
We have a program (Spark) installed on all of our machines that was installed by an .exe rather than an .msi package. The uninstall command, C:\Program Files (x86)\Spark\uninstall.exe, will not remove the program when run in LanSweeper's Remote Uninstall utility. It just counts the seconds under "Waiting for Process to Finish", but never finishes. I've tried searching online for silent (or other) switches for the program uninstall, but to no avail. I also disabled the UAC via group policy on one test machine, and rather than the seconds ticking away, I now get an "Uninstall Failed" message. Is it possible to uninstall a program using an exe rather than an msi?

Thank you,
Engaged Sweeper
Thanks, that is what I thought. I did some more research and found the silent parameter for Spark is -q. That did it! Thanks for your help!!
Lansweeper Alumni
Yes, but only if you have a parameter for silent uninstall.

Most likely the uninstaller is waiting for a key press "next" or something alike.
The key press will never come because the window is hidden.