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Engaged Sweeper
Good day
I am new to Lansweeper and I really like soo, a very super useful tool
now here the question.
I need to create some pages in Lansweeper
the First page is a public page that all the IT department can access it
but the other pages should be a specific delegated page so the IT Support access only the custome page that contain the client and printers details
and a server page that contain all servers and network switches

is this possible

Thanks again for the great app
Lansweeper Alumni
You cannot specify that certain assets should only be viewed by certain users, if this is what you're asking. A user (group) can either see all assets or no assets.

The only available user access roles are listed in the Lansweeper web console under Configuration/Website Management/Website Access. More info on restricting web console access can be found on page 155 and beyond of our online documentation: