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Engaged Sweeper
I am using the built-in 'Display: Video card memory' report to determine the RAM and type of video card in systems with two video cards (one PCI, one onboard). The results are not always accurate. What I would like to do is have the report show each computer in one row with both video cards displayed in the same row - currently the computer is listed more than once in the report if it has multiple video cards. I also need to determine the monitor type attached to each video card if possible, perhaps by merging the display info and monitor info reports?

Anyone can help? thanks!
Champion Sweeper II
I am also trying to make a simple report that shows all machines with a specific video card using like '%matrox%' .
But I cannot seem to find the 2nd card that I know is in the machine.
I only see card#1.
How can I create a report and which would be the correct table.

I see it listed under REPORTS/VIDEOCARD for the computer and also CONFIG/DISPLAY/VIDEOCARD .

or how can I make sure I return more than one result when building a report?

Lansweeper Alumni
danielm wrote:

or how can I make sure I return more than one result when building a report?

Can you post your sql of the report and a screenshot of the screen that you see please.
Lansweeper Alumni
Please download the following:

Post the output of following query "select * from win32_videocontroller"
Engaged Sweeper
There seems to be a bug with the multiple display scanning. For example, I have these two displays on a PC:

1) Integrated video: Intel Q965/Q963
2) PCI video: ATI Rage XL

In Lansweeper these video cards show with the following incorrect info. The Caption seems to indicate the wrong card, but the VideoProcessor is correct. The VideoModeDescription on Video 2 is 1024 x 768, not 800 x 600 as recorded.

Video 1
Caption: Intel(R) Q965/Q963
AdapterRam: 8
VideoModeDescription: 800 x 600 (...)
VideoProcessor: ATI RAGE XL PCI

Video 2
Caption: RAGE XL PCI
AdapterRam: 256
VideoModeDescription: 800 x 600 (...)
VideoProcessor: Intel(R) GMA 3000

I await your help!!!