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Engaged Sweeper II
Hey All;

So I know that in the report section there's a "Vmware: Virtual Guest Machines" and "Hyper-V: Virtual Guest Machines" these show all of the Guests that are housed in any ESXi or Hyper-V hosts, now also if I look at an ESXi host I can see a list of the VM's in that host but on this one the Guest name / info is light up as a clickable link if it's in the LS Database.

Is there a way to create a report that has those functions in place? that way I could easily tell inventory wise if a VM on a group of hosts exists in LS or needs to be added into it, if I can sort by a flag that would show that state. The canned reports are somewhat useful this way since I can filter out by a number of hosts but I cant tell if the Guest is an active asset in LS or not.

I'll poke around myself to see if I can copy and enhance that report , but if someone already does something similar it be great.