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Engaged Sweeper II
Hi Folks,

not sure if this is fixable, but in the old version if we set up the Warranty Scan for Alienware the same as Dell we were able to get Alienware warranty data (since they are essentially the same company)

That doesn't seem to be working any more ;o(

the URL we have set up is


This is for the Alienware, Dell Computer Corporation, Dell Inc, DELL__, Dell Inc.

Also, is there any way we can see the Warranty Scanning queue in the same way as the Asset Scanning Queue?

Many Thanks

Lansweeper Alumni
Added is latest beta
Engaged Sweeper II
Thanks for the rapid work folks, I await the new build eagerly ;o)
Lansweeper Alumni
Can you please send an lspush file from one of the alienware machines to support@lansweeper.com , maybe we can make this work.

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