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serial and parallel printer connection cannot detect

hi, i have serial and parallel printer connection on our teller PC but lan sweeper cannot detect the printer model attached on it, it can only detect usb printer connection. is it possible to detect by lansweeper? i have change the item wait time to ...

abolus by Engaged Sweeper
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Eventlog notification error.

I get this error in my errorlog when i want to send a mail notification of the eventlog.4/22/2010 2:18:05 PM:\Optidocs\1 : Eventlog schedule only works for computers that are already in the database4/22/2010 2:23:05 PM:\Opti...

i_kulgu by Champion Sweeper
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user + password for dashboard

hi ,i am using lan sweeper ver 4 ,how can i protect on my lansweeper dashboard with username+password from my active directory account ?i mean ,i want that every time that i am using the dashboard i will need to enter username+password.respectfully,a...

avi by Engaged Sweeper
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4.0 Scheduled scanning

In our environment, we have several machines that are not part of the domain (so they are not scanned with our OU active scanning), but we still want to scan them regularly. In ver 3.x, I would occasionally connect to each machine and manually run l...

googoo by Engaged Sweeper III
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Remotely force group policies refresh

Get this tool: this action:cmd.exe /K \\server\share$\Lansweeper\RGPrefresh.exe /m:{computer}Before I could use psexec and gpupdate command, but thi...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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NAS Devices

What are NAS devices?. In All NAS devices I can see some PCs and some servers.

bernardo by Engaged Sweeper
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