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Champion Sweeper
We have the Lansweeper service installed on multiple servers, and obvioulsy the database and website only once.

As I have run the upgrade on the different servers each time I am getting different locations for things.

For example a server that onoly runs the service is now also trying to upgrade the database - yet I have already upgraded the database on our main LS server which hosts the website and the service.

Also the paths for the locations of lansweeper install on the different servers are different and the setup tool displays different install locations - but not necessarily the correct ones!

Is there a file that conatins these variables or is it held in the database somewhere.

My main problem at the momemnt is as mentioned above - I ONLY want to upgrade the service on one of my servers - yet for some reason the database upgrade is also ticked and greyed out so I can untick it - yet I don't want to upgrade the database at all - just the service.

Any ideas?

Champion Sweeper
Lansweeper Alumni
can you upload a screenshot of the greyed out database please.