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Community Manager
Community Manager


According to a poll I shared last week, you prefer bi-weekly updates so here is your first summary of activity for the past two weeks.

Content from Lansweeper Teams

@MariaOrellana  has news about a Lansweeper User Research Panel Make your voice heard in the OT Research Panel - Lansweeper Community - 65452

New blog post  Deployments: Incorrect function vs Package Share

Featured Solutions (Tried and Tested by Community members )

How to deal with an Error updating ip locations

How to see specific software in a report 

How to export tickets to one file 

Well spotted!  @nexus_gooner @skz000 @c_reiner 

Open Questions – Can You help?

Every week, users come to the Community for help and advice on using the Lansweeper Product, we keep sharing a few of these each week in the hopes of getting these questions answered by our amazing community!

@pryan67  Being prompted to log into console

@Stretch605  has a question related to a recent vulnerability report  report

Enjoy your weekend all!





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