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Community Manager
Community Manager

Forum responses in August were slower than usual as many were enjoying a well deserved break over the holiday season! I am extra grateful if you were able to jump in to answer a question or two during this period. On that note, here is a special shout out to the top contributors in August.

💥Here is the Top 10 Kudoed Authors leaderboard for August

August Leaderboard.jpg

🌟Congrats to our top contributors! @rom  @rader @CCC @Ian_Prentice @DonMario73 @s_serrotti @duster1 @Mister_Nobody @KevinA-REJIS @ASismey @WuGe @brandon_jones 

[Click on their usernames to be taken to their profiles where you can check out some of their posts or send them a personal message]

💬Special mentions to @Hendrik_VE  for sending us a photo of your LS SWAG from the July giveaway - it definitely made my morning! @rom  I appreciate a good thread Truth or Dare - share your Custom Fields for Lansw... - Lansweeper Community - 69923 keep them coming!

I look forward to more updates over the next month!

**Marking a post as Accepted, or giving a reply a Kudo, helps highlight important content in the forums so members can find what they need fast. When marking an Accepted Solution, please be sure to mark the reply that solved your question.**


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