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Community Manager


Hope you have had a good week!

Here is the last weekly update for *drum roll* 🥁 ...2022! We will resume next year of course, as always if you find these updates useful don't forget to Kudos (like) the post so we keep them coming.

Content from Lansweeper Teams

Some new content in our blogs this week include a review of the top 4 most read pro tips here on our website Looking at 2023 - Lansweeper IT Asset Management and the last end-of-life notice for Windows Server 2008 & 2008R2. by @Esben_D 

There is also a new post from @ErikT  on why some users get this error message 'No valid or working credentials found for tenant Id Seeing No valid or working credentials found for t... - Lansweeper Community - 65059

Open Questions – Can You help?

Every week, users come to the Community for help and advice on using the Lansweeper Product, we keep sharing a few of these each week in the hopes of getting these questions answered by our amazing community!

@cpreister14 posted about Critical Patch reports  in the Built-In Reports forum

In the IT Asset Inventory forum @rp-nat  posted a question on Mass Update Asset AD User Mappings

In the IT Asset Discovery forum @adm_kr has a question on SMB Network Share Rights / Fileserver Access Rights 

Wishing you a wonderful festive break, see you in 2023 🤞



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