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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Community,

Happy New Year and all that! Things have started picking up in the Community this week:

Content from Lansweeper Teams

@Casslloyd posted about the new integration with VIVANTIO ITSM , we have an event on 24th January on our vision and what's next register here Launch Keynote - January 2023 - 'Chouffe' Launch - Lansweeper 

In the blogs... New post from @ErikT Deployments stuck on "Gathering Information" 

Heads up, my updates will now include 'accepted solutions' as suggested by @SusAntigoon 

Featured Solutions

Open Questions – Can You help?

Every week, users come to the Community for help and advice on using the Lansweeper Product, we keep sharing a few of these each week in the hopes of getting these questions answered by our amazing community!

@Unnamed  Event filter widget, can't add filter in Custom Actions and General Discussion forum

@cg40  Uninstall all WebEx components in Deployment Packages forum

Have a great weekend all!







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