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Community Manager
Community Manager

🌍🏆Happy New Month!

This week Lansweeper was at the Cyber Security & Cloud Expo in Olympia London. I had a fascinating chat about logos with an attendee, fun fact: The arrow in Amazon’s logo goes from the letter A to Z  to show that the website is an A-Z directory of different products (never knew this!)

On that note, here is a summary of Community news this week…

Updates from Lansweeper Teams

@Esben_D  shared a new audit report ‘Chrome 108 Audit’ 

@Casslloyd posted about an upcoming virtual event ‘Lansweeper Office Hours for API and Integrations’ read more here

Open Questions – Can You help?

The Community is the perfect place to get advice or tips from experienced users and/or Lansweeper power users. Here are some new questions to help another member with (or share advice if you have experienced a similar issue).

Remember to give a kudos(like) or  ‘accept as a solution’  to good answers from others in the Community

The following questions are from the Help Desk discussion forum:

@KatonaG  is asking how to display a code page

@aebles has a question about setting filters on Help Desk

Have a great weekend all, I will be Christmas tree hunting...

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