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Community Manager
Community Manager


Welcome to the Lansweeper Community! We’re glad to have you here.

About the Community

The Lansweeper Community is the best place to find answers to product questions, collaborate with other Lansweeper users and keep up to date with product updates.

Our Community includes general visitors, other Lansweeper users and teams directly involved in our product. You don’t need to register as a Community member to browse through content however becoming a member allows you to participate in discussions, discover proven strategies from other professionals and share product suggestions/ideas.

Key features of our Community site include:

  • Discussion forums: Discover practical tips, ask and answer technical questions. The forum is 24/7 so expect timely responses from experts and fellow community members.

  • Knowledge Base: A rich repository of official articles and tutorials to supercharge your Lansweeper journey.

  • Recognition for expertise: Earn badges and rank up when you answer questions from others

  • Training and Virtual events: Attend virtual office hours and access recorded sessions

Get Started Here

Find answers

Visit the product knowledge base to find guidance on an issue or search the forum to see if another user might have answered your question. Here is a guide on how to use the Community Search tool (1) How to: Search on the Community - Lansweeper Community - 236

Still need help? Reach out to Lansweeper’s Technical Support team here on the Support Portal, please note in order to access the case portal, you will need to use the company email address associated with your account Support Portal - Lansweeper Community

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions on how to use the Lansweeper Community Community FAQ - Lansweeper Community If you have any questions reach out to our community team here


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