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OneDrive Silent Install

Grab the OneDrive .exe from here. The /allusers flag forces it to install to Program Files instead of the currently logged on user's AppData folder, so it'll actually work for more than one user this way.

Steven_C by Engaged Sweeper
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Gotomeeting Desktop

So I thought I would add this just in case anyone runs into the same issues I did. The key to this script is the attribute G2MINSTALLFORALLUSERS=1 (=1 is true , it will install for all users)The end user will have to log off and log back in to see th...

TheITGuy by Engaged Sweeper III
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Lenovo System Update

This installer will install the Lenovo System Update if not already installed, then afterwards search for new drivers and utilities in the background.After giving the tool 2 minutes it will ask the user how to proceed with the installation of the pac...

laengu by Engaged Sweeper
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KMS Activation: MS Office & Windows

Hello,Here my package to manage Office and Windows Key's and activationYou can remove 1,2,3 step but can be usefull if you want to remove older MAK KeyThis script can works with older version of Office Just change OSPP.VBS path you can use this comma...

Update Windows with PSWindowsUpdate

I made a Powershell script that can be launched from Lansweeper with the installer here that will update a Windows 10 (tested) or Windows Server (tested on 2016) machine remotely. It utilizes PSWindowsUpdate in Powershell (more details here: http://w...

pkuhl by Engaged Sweeper
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You will need the NEC Uc Suite 6.1 exe file. You can get from your vendor. Put that in the default 'PackageShare' share on your server.On the PCs, both the UC Suite Client and Outlook need to be closed, so I did that here.Then the script uninstalls t...

Team Viewer Host update / install

Ok, its working 100% for me.You will need to know your Host ID and API TOKEN (you can get this from custom host build at teamviewer manager console.You need to install one host, configure with all parameters that you want (including easy access, acco...

acorcos by Engaged Sweeper
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