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Issue with deployment on

Since upgrading to v11.1.1.3 from 10.6.2 I am having issues with deployment. The error I am getting is:failure while connecting to Asset: The operation completed successfully. Path: \\\C$. ICredential(s): Global (xxx\xxxxxxxxx...

TK by Engaged Sweeper
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Deployments Fail in certain OU

I have two OU's, one for workstations and one for laptops.  I can't get any deployments to work in my laptop OU, doesn't matter if the laptop is physically plugged into the network or connected via VPN.  If I move the laptop to the workstation OU and...

tgib5523 by Engaged Sweeper
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Deploy - Method not found

I am trying to execute a windows update deploy and i'm getting this errorMethod not found: 'System.Security.Principal.WindowsImpersonationContext System.Security.Principal.WindowsIdentity.Impersonate()' Server:

gcrucitti by Engaged Sweeper II
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Deployment is executing on unintended assets

Hello everyone,This is the first time I've encountered this issue. It's a little tricky, but I'll try to explain.I have PC_1, which I need to push a deployment package to. Let's say I want to deploy Notepad++. When I am on the asset page for PC_1 and...

whoami by Engaged Sweeper II
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deployment errors

Hello,We are using Lansweeper in my company, version, on a Windows Server 2016. I am a new user to this tool, and a colleague of mine showed me how to deploy applications.I'm encountering some errors and would appreciate assistance with them...

Resolved! Add Computer Name Variable to Deploy Command

I am trying to use a deployment command to trigger a PDQ deployment package. It works if I manually type out the target computer name, but I really would need it to pass the computers name. I have tried the {smartname} and $env:computername variables...

JRall by Engaged Sweeper III
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