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You will need the NEC Uc Suite 6.1 exe file. You can get from your vendor. Put that in the default 'PackageShare' share on your server.On the PCs, both the UC Suite Client and Outlook need to be closed, so I did that here.Then the script uninstalls t...

Team Viewer Host update / install

Ok, its working 100% for me.You will need to know your Host ID and API TOKEN (you can get this from custom host build at teamviewer manager console.You need to install one host, configure with all parameters that you want (including easy access, acco...

acorcos by Engaged Sweeper
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Office 2016 Update

Hello,You can find below Office updates. I have created below command.msiexec.exe /p {PackageShare}\Installers\Office2016\access-x-none.msp /quiet /norestart.Best regars

CemSerdar by Engaged Sweeper
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Mozilla FireFox 70.0 Install

just a simple update of FireFox to v70.0. If the endpoint has a FireFox version older than 69 I have found that at least on the software listings in LanSweeper, it still lists that previous version along with version 70.0. If you see a way of improvi...

Vrogers by Engaged Sweeper II
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CutePDF and Ghostscript install (Print to PDF)

This installer will detect which Windows OS architecture is in use and deploy the correct version of GhostScript and CutePDF on target machines. This installer will install completely silent without a reboot and there is no intervention needed by the...

Gharrison by Engaged Sweeper
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LsAgent for Windows

This deployment package can be used to silently deploy the new LsAgent to assets in your network. To ensure you can use this package, you must meet the following requirements: Deployment requirementsLsAgent requirementsA asset limited license (Standa...

Esben_D by Lansweeper Employee
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